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Caring for Caregivers- Survey Says……..

by Audrey Miller on November 3, 2016

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Originally posted @allaboutestates.ca The time is NOW (or if we’re being honest, the time was years ago) for the Canadian government to start offering comprehensive support for caregivers. In her op-ed “We need to start caring for caregivers,” Janet Fast says: “We can no longer afford to treat family care as essentially free labour, undertaken […]

Originally posted @allaboutestates.ca I am seeing more and more of these ads as families try to find affordable  and alternative solutions to paying for private caregivers.  There are many seniors who live alone. ‘The 2011 Census of Population counted nearly 5 million (4,945,000) seniors aged 65 and over in Canada. The data showed that about […]

Originally posted @ allaboutestates.ca Several years ago, I blogged on this topic. Sadly this issue continues. I spoke with a daughter yesterday who shared with me that she understood how families can get so overwhelmed that they feel that they have no choice but to leave a parent in the emergency department, and not return […]


by Audrey Miller on August 24, 2015

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MoneySense.ca September/October 2015 by: David Aston Downsizing in retirement can add a sizeable chunk of income to your nest egg, paving the way for more security and enjoyment in your golden years.  Just make sure your plan satisfies your lifestyle needs, too.  David interviewed Audrey Miller for moneysenseSept2015:

Originally published at allaboutestates.ca on July 16, 2015 A lot can happen in a year. Last June, I blogged about an ‘Innovative New Community for Individuals Living with Dementia’. I highlighted how One Kenton had been able to create a state of the art residence exclusively for those individuals with dementia. Now one year later, […]

Lease for Life= Life Leases

by Audrey Miller on June 18, 2015

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Originally published @ allaboutestates.ca on June 18, 2015 I attended the Canadian Seniors Housing Symposium last week and while it was targeted to investors, builders, designers and CEO’s of seniors housing communities, there was some very interesting take away for me. The direction of seniors communities is shifting with a greater emphasis on ways to […]

Originally published at allaboutestates.ca on March 30, 2015 For many, working with the elderly is not ‘sexy’. I personally hate that word, but it seems to be a common refrain. In my own profession, many social workers who are looking for placement opportunities and their first job, prefer to work with children. We have a […]

Originally posted at allaboutestates.ca on March 11, 2015 I had the pleasure of entering a brand new world located at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, part of Canada’s largest research hospital, University Health Network (UHN). This grouping of researchers are working on developing new treatments, technologies and devices to keep us (seniors or soon to be seniors) […]

As a professional care manager, I have the opportunity to attend medical specialists appointments with my clients.  Many POA’s for Personal Care are also attending these appointments. As part of our preparation, their medical history is reviewed and summarized including highlighting the relevant reports, X-rays test results as well as including details of current medications; […]

Originally posted in allabouteestates.ca on October 8, 2014: (Miller and Ruiter-Kohn) “For most people in the developed world, conversations about such topics (as death) never take place. Young people remark in passing that they would rather be dead than go into a nursing home; that they do not want to die in hospital; that they […]