For Individuals and Families


We understand the stress and challenges faced by seniors, caregivers, and their families. We are able to make things easier for individuals and families who struggle to find the time, energy and resources to balance their family needs, caregiving responsibilities and  work.

“I’m worried about my mother who has dementia and I don’t have enough time to get her the help she needs as I live in a different city”.

“My father had a stroke and I am not sure he is safe living by himself”.

“My caregiving responsibilities are taking over my life, what can I do?”

How A Care Manager Can Assist

We Provide:

  • Comprehensive assessment of needs and in home safety assessments
  • Analysis of most appropriate service options
  • Customized Care Plans which outline costs and local resources
  • On going coordination of care and service
  • Assistance with placement exploration- ‘Stay or Go’
  • Advocacy- getting things done the right way- the first time
  • Liaison for out of town families
  • Care management- getting things organized and done.

Our care managers are registered social workers, occupational therapists and other allied health professionals. We meet with you and your family in your home to discuss and identify areas of concern. We will identify community resources to assist you and access publicly available services whenever possible. We are your case coordinators and your system navigator. We liaise with your medical team, family members and involved service providers to ensure a coordinated approach to service delivery. We work to ensure you and your loved one are living well.