May 2010

By: Lauren La Rose Canadian Press May 17, 2010 When Chief Joel Abram learned of a proposed program to help First Nations people and families living with dementia, he saw the initiative as a way to fill a gap in sorely-needed support in his community. But since the launch of the First Nations First Link […]

Happy May Day! This month we celebrate Mother’s Day, Victoria Day and Multiple Sclerosis awareness month. National Mental Health Week also is recognized from May 4th to 10th.  Please let me remind you that it is important as caregivers, service providers, family members and friends to remember that our own personal health is just as important as […]

April is tax time.  Although this may be late for some of you, I have been asked to republish an article that discusses the caregiver and disability tax credits. I hope that it will be beneficial in terms of tax savings. Disability Tax Credit (DTC), Caregiver Tax Credit (CTC): Do I Qualify? As a social […]