February 2012

Allaboutestates. Written on February 27, 2012 – 7:07 am | by Audrey Miller On January 5, 2012, I previously blogged on issues confronting the older driver and ways family members may be able to intervene. A few days ago, Ontario’s transportation minister indicated that he expects drivers with dementia will face tough new rules within […]

All About Estates, Feb 16, 2012: by Audrey Miller With Valentine’s day behind us, romance and sex continue to be alive and well. The baby boomers are getting older and while 60 has become the new 40, and 75 the new 60, healthy sex continues to be a favorite topic. However it may still be […]

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Written on Feb 8, 2012, by Audrey Miller at allaboutestates.ca. Today Bell Canada is supporting mental health awareness with their “Let’s Talk Campaign”. While mental health week in Canada is May 7- 13, 2012 , Bell has opted to talk openly about mental illness with the hope of reducing stigma so that people can get […]