February 2013

Originally published at allaboutestates.ca Feb 28, 2013: Today’s blog was sparked by The Globe and Mail’s editorial of Feb 25, 2013 titled ‘Think, don’t fink’. It discusses Sudbury’s latest initiative called: The North East Dementia Network Coalition Safe Driving Task Force and the establishment of a hot line for anonymous tips about senior drivers. It […]

Elder Caring Winter 2013 ENews

by Audrey Miller on February 22, 2013

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A Word From The Managing Director: Have you ever noticed how fast time flies by? It is already the month of February and this month makes me think of snow (25 cm” outside my front door last week), our beating hearts and love; and not necessarily in that order. As we are living longer, I […]

Originally posted at allaboutestates.ca on Feb 20, 2013: As many seniors prepare for a trip south, I wanted to provide some suggestions on what should be included on the packing list. When reviewing what documents to be included – as part of the ‘Just In Case’ discussion- it is important to ensure extra medication is […]

Originally published in allaboutestates.ca February 13, 2013 As we head into the month of February, I think of snow (25 cm” outside my front door), our beating hearts, chocolate and love; and not necessarily in that order. As we are living longer, I was also wondering about those who find themselves loving again. The topic […]

Originally published at allaboutestates.ca on February 1, 2013 Elder abuse, a growing concern and one that unfortunately will likely increase as more of us reach our golden years. Issues relating to elder abuse are not clearly understood as to what constitutes abuse and what can be done about it. Recently seniors have been given a […]