May 2013

Doctor’s Appointments, Your Parents and Limited Responses. Have you asked your parent’s how their doctor’s apt went and receive no reply?

Originally published at May 27, 2013: I know of very few individuals who have applied for and received compassionate care benefits. Did you know that compassionate care benefits are employment insurance benefits that are paid to carers who have to be away from work temporarily to provide care or support to a family member […]

We may not always like our parent’s decisions, and if they are capable, then it is their right to make it and accept the inherent risk that may be present.

Originally published at May 16, 2013: Have you ever asked your parent how their doctors’ appointment went and didn’t get a very thorough answer? Many times we receive a one word response such as ‘fine’, which sounds familiar to most responses provided by our own teenagers. Here are some helpful ways that an Elder […]

The day after…. Mothers. We all had one. Sometimes we know them and sometimes we do not. We may not always like them, love them or get along with them. Sometimes we are able to recognize that we are just like them; perhaps sharing the very same traits that perhaps we would rather not see. […]

Originally published in May 8, 2013: Part of my role as a Geriatric Care Manager is to determine if individuals can safely remain in their own homes, living by themselves. As I have previously discussed, most of us want to remain in our own homes for us long as possible. Our assessments review the […]