November 2013

PostmediaNovember 28, 2013 (National Post, Ottawa Citizen, Montreal Gazette,Vancouver Sun) There comes a time in every family where discussions should take place about the financial and insurance needs of aging parents. It’s not simply about covering the financial bases. There are also decisions to be made about their care and comfort. From financial planning and […]

The ECaring Channel: How To Hire A PSW

by Audrey Miller on November 25, 2013

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The ECaring Channel: How To Hire A PSW:

Originally posted in on November 25, 2013: While many families fear that having a loved one move into an assisted living environment is one step closer to death, experience tells me that this is not necessarily the case. For many seniors, isolation can be detrimental to their health. After writing this blog, The Globe […]

Originally posted in Nov 15, 2013: The Vanier Institute of the Family published their latest Contemporary Family Trends, called Death, Dying and Canadian Families, written by Dr. Katherine Arnup, highlighting the Canadian death experience. This is an excellent paper that discusses the change in the experience over the last years. I have summarized some […]

Maritime Morning Weekend Interview

by Audrey Miller on November 8, 2013

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Listen to Audrey’s radio interview on Maritime Morning Weekend Edition, discussing the RBC Myths and Realities Poll, October 27, 2013

Originally posted in In Flanders Fields the poppies grow… Remembrance Day is a significant day in the lives of many who endured the challenges of living during war times. As benefactors of their sacrifice, we sometimes forget that peace is a gift and the high price that was paid for it. Today we have […]

Death, Dying and Canadian Families

by Audrey Miller on November 4, 2013

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Contemporary Family Trends. Vanier Institute for the Family, Dr. K. Arnup 2013-11-04_VANIER_Death-Dying-and-Canadian-Families