February 2014

Originally published in allaboutestates.ca on Feb. 24, 2014: This past week I attended a funeral of a friend of my son’s- age 24- who died in a road accident while on vacation. Every parent’s worst nightmare- to lose a child. Watching his parents and his grandparents toss earth to cover his coffin was heartbreaking. I […]

Originally posted in allaboutestates.ca Today is Valentine’s day. For many it has become a Hallmark holiday (ie the card I picked up & put down, for my husband was $12.00) however let the day serve as a reminder of the importance of love, romance and sex. The baby boomers are getting older and while 60 […]

Originally published in allaboutestates.ca on Feb 6, 2014: On February 4, 2014, Dying with Dignity issued the following statement: “The BC Supreme Court issued its judgement today in the case of Margot Bentley. Ruling that feeding by mouth is basic care, rather than health care, Margot’s family’s appeal for the feeding to stop has been […]