July 2014

Jane and Charlie celebrated their 48th wedding anniversary a few months ago. They have continued to live in their two-story family home and seemed to be managing fairly well. Charlie was still driving and both had remained active with volunteer work, attending lectures, other day-to-day activities and occasional babysitting of their grandchildren. When visiting one […]

Originally published at allaboutestates.ca on July 30, 2014. The Globe and Mail’s ‘Public Editor’, Ms. Sylvia Stead, wrote a piece in the July 26, 2014 Saturday paper called ‘When capturing a life in a few hundred words, try to avoid mistakes’. Good advice. I have been reading obits for the last few decades and I […]

A Successful Day

by Audrey Miller on July 22, 2014

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I met with a lovely couple last week. They are both in the 80’s and have been living in their two-story home for the last 50 plus years. He has Parkinson’s Disease (PD) and has fallen several times. Luckily to date, he has not broken any bones or injured himself badly. He called our company […]

Originally published in allaboutestates.ca on July 4, 2014: Last week I had the pleasure of presenting as part of a panel at an Estate Planning Workshop organized by Mr. Christian Steinbock from Dominion Securities. I was joined by Ms. Indra Bharat, Financial Planning Consultant with RBC and Mr. Ismail Barmania, Estates and Trust lawyer at […]