August 2014

Care@ Home?

by Audrey Miller on August 26, 2014

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Originally published in allaboutestates on August 26, 2014: I have always stated that the Power of Attorney for Finances needs to be able to support the decisions made by the Power of Attorney for Personal Care. In other words, care needs should dictate where monies should be spent. The first part of the equation is […]

Originally published in on August 18, 2014: With the tragic death of Robin Williams, who touched so many of us with his humour, this week’s blog is about mental health and specifically, depression. The Canadian Coalition for Seniors Mental Health tells us that depression is the most common mental health problem for older adults […]

Originally published at on August 8, 2014 I have been a practicing social worker for over 30 years. During this time I have tried to not “social work” my family. Not an easy feat especially over the last 10 years since starting Elder Caring and having aging parents. This past weekend I returned to […]