January 2015

ABCs – A Letter To My Grandmother

by Audrey Miller on January 29, 2015

in Caregiving, Dementia, Elder Care

A post from Helen Picard, a writer and graphic designer studying history at the University of Toronto. Helen sent us this poem, written to her grandmother and with her permission, am sharing it with you. This is a letter to you, grandma, because I could not speak or write when you were sixty, and you […]

Originally posted at allaboutestates.ca on January 27, 2015: January is Alzheimer Awareness Month and as it comes to a close, I am more mindful about the landscape of which we are all a part. Where Alzheimer’s has been a dementia of old age, we who are boomers are all experiencing memory problems and more of […]

How many doctor’s visits per year do you think most senior’s attend? How many specialists appointments did you attend with an aging relative? If there are concerns about memory loss, the Alzheimers Society has prepared a wonderful check list to help you prepare for your doctor’s appointment. As a professional care manager, I have the […]

Originally published at allaboutestates.ca on January 16, 2015: The flu has hit badly this year and even with a flu shot, many of us have fallen sick. In addition to hot liquids and rest, many of us have also taken over the counter remedies, such as cold and cough formulas and decongestants. With prescription medications, […]

Whose Choice Is It Anyway?

by Audrey Miller on January 8, 2015

in End of Life, Health Care

Originally published in allaboutestates.ca on January 8, 2015: Provided by Dr. Renee Ruiter Kohn, Clinical Manager @ Elder Caring The media has recently focused on the subject of caregivers to elderly parents where the job has been characterized as an all-consuming role that can trigger a host of difficult emotions, including anger, fear, resentment, guilt, […]