October 2015

Originally posted @ allaboutestates.ca on October 27, 2015: I had the pleasure of presenting at the RBC- DS ‘Capitalize on Change’ conference and a recurrent theme was the need for balance in our lives. We are all so busy. Add caregiving to a 50 hour + work week and something has to give; and typically […]

By: Nadia Bove BSW RSW, October 2015 These are powerful words spoken by our client. Doreen is a sweet 88 year old woman. She speaks in a soft whisper with an English accent, has beautiful white hair, skin and sharp blue eyes. My job as a Geriatric Care Manager gives me the pleasure and honour […]

Podcast: Families are complicated and necessary

by Audrey Miller on October 17, 2015

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October 15, 2015:  Part of the Power of Attorney Project presented by www.caregivingmatters.ca “Audrey often sees client situations that deal with Power of Attorney issues. As a recognized expert in life care planning, aging and caregiving issues, she shares some of her experience and insights by discussing the following topics in our podcast: Why do families […]

Financial Literacy Part 2

by Audrey Miller on October 16, 2015

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Originally published @allaboutestates.ca on October 16, 2015 Today’s blog, while not about the Blue Jays winning the series (I was having a tough time finding the ‘estates’ connection), continues with the theme from my colleague Paul Fensom’s blog from October 14, 2015. I have written previously on the issue of financial literacy for the banking […]

Originally posted @ allaboutestates.ca on October 7, 2015 With the sky high price of housing in many provinces, families may be looking for residential alternatives. The October 2, 2015 Globe and Mail wrote a story on expandable shipping containers being used as homes. In 2008, shipping containers were touted as being eco friendly  and had […]