May 2016

There is no place like home.

by Audrey Miller on May 26, 2016

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Originally posted @ This blog is about the importance of having a strong advocate and working with a supportive team. It seems every decade or so I am presented with a wonderful opportunity. I am leading a team that will bring Salli home. Home is her childhood family home where she has always lived […]

Originally posted  @ArborMemorial There are some things that we can plan for and others we cannot. Death is a certainty for all of us, yet many of us find ourselves poorly prepared. Caring for and spending time with a loved one who is facing imminent death can be both rewarding and challenging. For those who […]

Continued from last week’s blog:  A Day Like Any Other…Life Interrupted Welcome to the wonderful world of family caregiving! Keith now becomes part of the 35% of employed Canadians who provide unpaid care to a family member or friend. A 2015 Employer Panel Report, called “When Work and Caregiving Collide: How Employers Can Support Their […]

Originally posted Meet Keith, he is 56 years old and is a busy executive. He and his wife Jean have 3 grown children, with the youngest still at university. Their first grandchild was born 2 months ago. Keith is an only child. Keith’s mom and father are both in their late 80’s and live […]

Originally published I had the pleasure of attending a ‘hot talk on health’ sponsored by the Change Foundation, an independent health policy think tank. The panelists were Helena Herklots CEO from Carers UK and she spoke on ‘Lessons from the UK’ and Dr. Katherine Arnup, professor, author and caregiver. Carers UK has a rich […]