August 2016

Arete HR’s latest Head Forward podcast is out!  I was interviewed for this podcast on elder care, called  Role Reversal – Caring for Aging Parents. In each episode, they explore issues affecting mental health and well-being through conversation with experts.  I am featured as their expert in this new release.  Please click here to listen!

Originally published Making a decision about your future or the future of an aging loved one can feel overwhelming. Not only does it take an emotional toll, but it involves knowing what care options are out there, understanding how those options can work for you and evaluating the cost of those options to pick […]

Originally published @ Transportation is a major issue for seniors, especially in rural communities. Losing one’s drivers license triggers many emotions- especially loss of independence. ‘Giving up the keys’ is a common discussion in many households and most often when adult children have concerns about their parent’s driving habits. Statistics Canada[1] report that in […]

Market Watch published an article that highlights the value of hiring an expert- especially as it relates to health care and senior care. ” There is a new cost in retirement and older age — navigating complexity. While managing finances in retirement can be a challenge — surviving the health-care and home-care system can make […]

Elder Abuse

by Audrey Miller on August 11, 2016

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Originally posted Elder abuse is sadly continuing to be an issue for our seniors and for society at large. It includes  the following types of wrong doing, many times with a family member as the primary culprit: Financial abuse Psychological abuse Physical abuse Sexual abuse Neglect While there are an abundance of resources out […]

Gone Missing….

by Audrey Miller on August 4, 2016

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Originally posted @ A few weeks ago, I had a client go missing. He walked out of his house early one morning while his wife was still sleeping.  He was found 24 hours later, having walked for miles.  There are more and more stories of seniors who walk out of their home and get […]