August 2017

Originally posted @ With Labour Day fast approaching I thought it would be fitting to highlight the role that young caregivers have in providing care to another person. Since the creation of Lucky, The Young Carer Rap, which was a partnership with the Vanier Institute of the Family based on research conducted by Dr. […]

If an older individual was brought to your law office by a non family member and they wanted to appoint the individual as POA for Property and Personal Care, would you be suspicious?  Or what about if the request was to either change a will or to make a will, naming this individual as a […]

A Good Life & A Good Death

by Audrey Miller on August 14, 2017

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Originally posted A long time client of ours passed away last week.  She was able to remain at her own home and die in her own bed.  So many of us wish, when the time comes, that we could do the same.  We know this is not the ending place that most experience. This […]