November 2018

Originally published My fellow bloggers and I write frequently about Powers of Attorney, however my concerns are often focused on the lack of planning when it comes to making Powers of Attorney for both Personal Care and Property. More specifically, although I do not have any statistical data, my subject matter experience tells me […]

by Cathy Preston, VP, Individual Markets at RBC Insurance, November 19, 2018 Read: ‘It Was 24/7′: Coping With The Stress Of Being My Mother’s Caregiver At some point or another, most of us will have to assume a caregiver role in life, whether for a child, spouse, parent or friend. In my house, that role […]

Shining a Spotlight on (Ontario) Caregivers

by Audrey Miller on November 19, 2018

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Originally posted The Change Foundation just published their findings on Ontario Caregivers- a fitting reflection for National Caregiving Awareness month. I have summarized some of their key findings based on a study involving 800 respondents across Ontario: – Canadian family caregivers provide roughly ¾ of all patient care and their contributions to the healthcare system was […]

The Final Goodbye

by Audrey Miller on November 5, 2018

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Originally posted Further to my last week’s blog  on ‘getting ready for the final scene’, my lovely 94 year old client died this past Saturday.  I really can’t say it was a peaceful death as it seemed to be a very long and  difficult journey.   She could no longer eat or drink and as […]

Audrey quoted in article by Catherine Harris: Do you have clients who have aging parents? Do you know how to help these clients prepare for what may lie ahead? Although this issue is not strictly included in your mandate as a financial advisor, there’s a lot you can do. There are many issues surrounding aging. […]