March 2020

Originally posted @allaboutestates. It is hard to focus on anything outside of the current state of affairs and mounting challenges  as a result of Covid. Everyone’s lives are impacted at some level, so today’s blog discusses a few elder care concerns I am seeing. Most recently I have read that the Ontario government is making changes to […]

Originally posted Today’s blog is sent from my home office to yours, as you are likely  working from home- whether you are already in self quarantine or being socially distant and respectful. So much can change in one week and hard for us all to imagine what next week will bring.  However until then, […]

Originally posted Recently I had the pleasure of taking a vacation with my mother and husband. As it turned out, it was a family oriented resort which put us in the middle of young parents and young children. Now while several of our friends have grandchildren, my boys are not there yet.  So…..we spent […]


by Audrey Miller on March 8, 2020

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Originally posted As I sat down to write today’s blog, it seems that the topic that is on many people’s mind is the coronavirus or Covid 19. As some of you may know, I often write/present about being better prepared and understanding options in advance is my preferred message. So I thought today’s blog […]