About Elder Caring Inc.


Elder Caring Inc. strives to be the preeminent provider of care management services for individuals and families who seek help with life’s many challenges. We empower families dealing with senior care and aging issues through education and service delivery. Our team has years of experience providing care management while working with the disabled, older individuals and their families and caregivers.

Elder Caring Inc. shall be the first place for the community at large, to turn for care management services of the highest quality.

Elder Caring Inc. is rooted in the helping traditions and ascribes the following core values of service; excellence, social justice, dignity and worth of the person, importance of human relationships, integrity, ethical business dealings and competence.

Audrey Miller,  Founder and Managing Director

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Audrey Miller MSW, RSW, CCLCP, is a recognized expert in life care planning, aging and caregiving issues. She has been interviewed and has appeared on television, radio and national news publications, including:
– Rogers Daytime Television
– Financial Post
– National Post
– Wall Street Journal
– Globe and Mail
– Toronto Star
– Maritime Morning Radio
– 680 News- All News Radio
– Voice of America
– Money Sense Magazine
– Ottawa Citizen
– Chatelaine Magazine (see media section)

Audrey has an extensive background working with older adults and their caregiving families as well as educating professionals in the legal and financial communities about aging issues and the needs of caregivers. As a subject matter expert for the Royal Bank of Canada, Audrey developed a series of videos and articles for their Advice Centre.

As the author of hundreds of articles and blogs, Audrey shares her expertise and wealth of knowledge and experience at eldercaring.ca. Her latest work, the ‘Wellness Binder’ is described by the Financial Post as “A Planning Tool With A Difference”. This Binder is the ‘keeper of the information’ a place to capture your health, personal and caring information and designed to help you be better prepared for whatever health challenge is around the corner. Audrey may be reached at:
amiller@eldercaring.ca      1 866 473 8887    twitter@eldercareexpert youtube/ECaringChannel Download Profile:

Our Team:

Nadia Bove

Intake Social Worker: Nadia Bové  BSW RSW is a registered Social Worker and is our Intake Counsellor.  Nadia has worked in the frontline as a caseworker/supervisor in the social service sector at the Ministry of Community and Social Services. In addition she has worked with employment programs at the Ministry of Community and Social Services and worked with privacy legislation both at the Ministry of Community and Social Services and the Ministry of the Attorney General. For the last several years her area of expertise has been in private sector business. Nadia also brings to this position over 10 years of experience being a primary care giver for her mother and mother in law both of whom have serious medical problems. Nadia is also the Vice President of a charitable organization HHT Canada THH, (Heredity Hemorrhagic Telangieoctasia). Nadia will happily answer your questions and looks forward to connecting with you by phone or she may be reached at nadia@eldercaring.ca.

Occupational Therapy Services* Registered Occupational Therapists work with our seniors and their families to improve their overall well being by addressing their activities of daily living (ADL) and IADL (instrumental activities of daily living). Completing in home safety assessments and providing recommendations are ways we promote general health and wellness. We also have Assistive Devices Providers (ADP) authorisers registered under the Ontario Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care for funding for equipment that must be prescribed (ie wheelchairs, walkers)

Physiotherapy Services* Registered Physiotherapists work with our seniors to improve mobility, reduce risk of falls and improve general functioning.

Dietician Services* Registered Dieticians work with our seniors and their families optimizing nutritional intake, meal choices, healthy eating and promoting general health and wellness.

*Currently serving the GTA

Review our testimonials section to hear how our experienced team members can be of service to you.

Definition of an Elder

An Elder is a person
who is still growing
still a learner,
still with potential and
whose life continues to have
within it promise for, and
connection to the future.

An Elder is still in pursuit of
happiness, joy and pleasure,
and her or his birthright to these
remains intact.

Moreover, an Elder is a person
who deserves respect and honor and
whose work it is to synthesize wisdom
from long life experience and
formulate this into a legacy for
future generations.

1991 Spiritual Eldering Institute
Reprinted with permission of the Spiritual Eldering Institute, Boulder, Co.