Happy Social Work Week. This profile on YouTube was written by one of my clients.

What Siblings Have To Say:

‘Thanks Audrey. I have thanked you many times in my mind – your meeting brought much needed healing to our family. Again, many thanks, you helped more than you know.’

‘I just wanted to send you my thanks for yesterday. You did a magnificent job of shepherding us through a difficult discussion. Without you, I believe we would not have made positive progress.
Everyone agreed that you helped us tremendously.
Things could yet go blooey among us sibs at any moment, so having experienced yesterday together, we now know we can bring you back to help us get on track once again.
Thank you again for your light but masterful management of the afternoon — and for your informed knowledge of the resources out there.’

What families have to say:

‘You’ve been a huge help to us (especially me!). I’ve been so stressed throughout this whole process and have really felt the weight of responsibility for Grace’s wellbeing from the minute she went into the hospital. I so very much appreciate knowing you were there if I needed you, especially while we treaded through such unfamiliar waters. Thank you again, Audrey.
> Susan S.

‘When I was first asked to be the Power of Attorney for my aunt, I really didn’t think it was going to be anything more than making sure her wish was carried out if she was unable to tell doctors that she didn’t want any life support if she was terminally ill. Well, that was not to be the case as my aunt had Alzheimer’s.

Jina from TD Canada Trust was the lady who made contact with Elder Caring to get a social worker and, thus, an angel in disguise appeared, Sherry. As it became apparent that my role was going to be much more than I realized, it was extremely difficult for me to realize that my aunt needed to go into a retirement home because she was unable to look after herself. My aunt was very resistant to the idea that she was to leave her apartment after 43 years and I wouldn’t have been able to carry out this challenge without Sherry. She was able to look for suitable accommodations, take Joan to medical appointments, help with the moves, run interference with the medical staff and administration staff, was in constant contact with me, played the bad guy while I played the good guy and was the rock that I could lean on. I honestly do not think I could have done it on my own without Sherry. She always knew what questions to ask, who to call when we needed someone, and made things go seamless when there were really some significant challenges we had to deal with. Sherry was there when we celebrated Joan’s 80th birthday and again when we celebrated Joan’s life.

I not only found Sherry to be very professional, but I also found her to have a great sense of humour, a person that listened very well and gave very good advice, but I also found her to become a friend that I could depend upon and when Joan passed away, I not only lost my aunt, but I will also miss Sherry more than I can express.

Thank you for allowing me the privilege to have Elder Caring’s support.’
Marilynn F

“Elder Caring has been a life saver for our family. At a time when our family was feeling so uncertain and so vulnerable, Audrey made us all feel at ease. We had so many questions, so many forms to fill out and so many crucial decisions to make. It is so hard to do almost any of these tasks when there is such a crisis going on. Not only did Audrey answer all of our questions, she also provided us with most of the solutions. She literally took us by the hand and walked us through all the steps, one by one. Audrey’s warmth and compassion really made us all feel so comfortable and eased our feelings of anxiety and despair. Her knowledge of Alzheimer’s and all the resources available are remarkable. Audrey not only pointed us in the right direction but we never for a moment doubted her opinion or advise. Every time we felt panicked, Audrey would be there and put us at ease making us feel like it wasn’t the end of the world. It has been most difficult for my father who’s whole life has been centered around my mother. He was feeling so lost and afraid. There is so much guilt and frustration associated with decisions he has to make. I know that every time he spends time with Audrey he feels so relieved. She really puts everything into perspective for him so that he isn’t dreading each moment as this becomes more difficult. Most of all she brings comfort and assurance to my mother who absolutely adores her and trusts her. I am not sure how we could ever get through this without her.”
Kim G.

“Your organization, planning and assistance were instrumental in helping my family and me. You were able to assess my needs, and help me access all of the resources that I needed to help me maximize my recovery. You did all of this with a smile understanding and with empathy. Thank you very much from both my wife and myself.”
Endre C.

“I live in the UK and have an elderly relative in a care home in Toronto Canada. Elder Caring has been fully involved from the beginning with him and they have continued to give me invaluable advice, guidance and assistance throughout. Their good services have enabled me to relax, in the knowledge that my relative is in the most capable hands and I have no hesitation thoroughly recommending them.
My special thanks go to Judy Wallace of Elder Caring who gives me regular updates via e mails with his progress reports etc.”
Yvonne M.

“Thank you for helping me help my parents, I do appreciate it. When you became involved in helping my father following his discharge from the hospital, you made my life simpler by accessing services and providing support and understanding to help reduce the stresses that I faced as their only adult child on a daily basis. You were able to access all sorts of resources that made my parents lives’ easier. I would not have been able to find or organize them as swiftly and efficiently as you did.”
Elizabeth D.