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Many Canadian families are now grappling with the challenges of caring for aging parents. Our health care system in under strain and resources are scarce. Perhaps you are an adult child who is concerned about how your parents will live and be taken care of as they age. Or perhaps you are entering a stage in your own life where you want to know more and plan for how you will live as you age. It is wise to know the options and plan in advance.

Possible scenarios where you could benefit from a wellness consultation:

You have a parent with declining health

Your parent(s) are living independently for the most part but you are seeing that they are “slowing down” and you worry about their safety and ability to manage on their own. You may be spending increasing amounts of time worrying or actually doing things for your parents. Perhaps you feel an obligation to personally organize and handle all their needs? Is your time stretched because of this and you are feeling the stress and fatigue of all the demands in your life?

You have a family member currently in need of care and demands are increasing

You have been handling your loved one’s needs and been spending a lot of time but now the needs are increasing. You are not able to handle it all yourself and you need help navigating the system to access additional services and you need to understand all the options.

You are not prepared for a sudden health crisis that may strike your parent or partner

Do you worry about how your family will handle a sudden health crisis that hits your parent such as a stroke, heart attack, dementia, sudden immobility due to a fall? If both parents live together in their own home, can one manage alone while the other is in a health care facility?

If there is a health emergency, do you have a record of your parent’s current medication and doses, health history, list of medical professionals, and their personal wishes that you can access readily? Are you able to take over bill payments and banking on their behalf?

You are aging and you want to investigate options for living well in the future

Are you aging and thinking about moving from your current home into a place that would better meet your needs? Are you overwhelmed about how to investigate all the options? Are you unsure about what services you will need in the future and how to access them? Perhaps you want to document your wishes for care so family members will know in the event of a health crisis. Perhaps you would like to understand the costs of various options and you would like to investigate what public and private resources might be available to you to fund certain aspects.


Talk or meet with a registered social worker who can

  • assess the situation and develop a plan of care
  • meet with family and caregivers to provide support and direction
  • evaluate best options for living arrangements
  • help navigate the health care system



How A Care Manager Can Assist

We Provide:

    • Comprehensive assessment of needs and in home safety assessments
    • Analysis of most appropriate service options
    • Developing Care Plans which outline costs and local resources
    • On going coordination of care and service
    • Assistance with placement exploration
    • Advocacy- getting things done the right way- the first time
    • Liaison for out of town families
    • Care management- getting things organized and done.

Services can include:

      • Stay or Go: helping families decide whether the older individual can remain safely in their home and exploring retirement and alternate accommodation
      • Hospital discharge planning: including advocacy and navigation of the health care  and social systems
      • Family Meetings: helping families share caregiving responsibilities

Our care managers are registered social workers, occupational therapists and other allied health professionals. We meet with you and your family in your home to discuss and identify areas of concern. We will identify community resources to assist you and access publicly available services whenever possible. We are your case coordinators and your system navigator. We liaise with your medical team, family members and involved service providers to ensure a coordinated approach to service delivery. We work to ensure you and your loved one are living well.

Please note that the services of a Registered Social Worker are frequently covered by extended health care benefits.




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