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If you are a lawyer dealing with elder law issues, family, estate and personal injury matters, Elder Caring Inc. has the expertise and experience to provide a professional opinion.  If there are conflicts between Powers of Attorney or you need to know if your client is managing safely in their current environment, we can assist.

The Functional Living Assessment is an assessment tool that puts aside family differences and focuses on what should be crux of the matter- mom’s or dad’s care needs. The end result is a comprehensive analysis that documents the areas of need and concern, quantifies what is required and makes recommendations based on the knowledge and expertise of an objective and experienced professional who understands aging, elder care needs and community resources. Rather than being caught up in the rehashing of long lost promises and childhood hurts, this is an extremely valuable tool that refocuses the attention on to the older individual and their needs. While we continue to strive to put family members on the same page for a plan of care for mom or dad, we can all agree that sometimes families lose sight of this important issue. It often takes the wisdom of an experienced lawyer to recognize the need for a functionally based assessment that can objectively outline the older person’s care needs and which provides recommendations that are in the older person’s best interests rather than in the interests of the disputing children.

Audrey Miller has been an expert witness in the Courts of Ontario for both defense and plaintiff counsel.

Audrey presented to the lawyers at Hull and Hull and their podcast discusses how hiring an expert from Elder Caring can help.

What lawyers have to say: Audrey Miller, Elder Caring Inc. – Solutions for Life’s Transitions
Posted on February 9, 2012 by Whaley Estate Litigation

The issue of aging parents is something that will affect us all at some point. Are they safe enough to be living alone? How can we be sure that the care they are receiving meets their needs? While we do not want to see that our parents are beginning to have problems, confronting them about their difficulties and/or investigating what assistance is available to them can be even harder. How can we determine what is available in terms of at-home assistance, retirement living and long-term care—and what are the differences?

Our firm recently had the pleasure of meeting Audrey Miller. Audrey, who is a registered social worker, is the founder and managing director of Elder Caring Inc. (“ECI”), which has a team of experts with backgrounds in Social Work, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Gerontology in different cities across Canada. ECI was created to meet a growing demand in the community for services with a focus on the health and well-being of the older adult and their family.

“We meet with you and your family in your home to discuss and identify areas of concern. We will identify community resources to assist you and access publicly available services whenever possible. We are your case coordinators. We liaise with your medical team, family members and involved service providers to ensure a coordinated approach to service delivery.”1

All matters are referred through Audrey, who assesses the situation and then assigns the appropriate team member to work with a family. Audrey has spent the last 25 years working with differently-abled individuals and their families, focusing on rehabilitation issues to improve function at home and in the community. She is also a qualified expert witness in Rehabilitation and Life Care Planning in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

What is important, is that Audrey knows how to navigate the system, which changes all the time.
Where available, a Geriatric Care Manager will meet and assess the older adult in his/her own home. The assessment includes environmental, functional, emotional, cognitive, and caregiver issues which results in a Wellness Plan or ‘roadmap’ for care. ECI also provides ongoing Wellness Monitoring services for the older adult.

ECI also provides counselling by registered social workers, and will customize Care Plans to help manage caregiving and work responsibilities.

We sought out Audrey to find out more about the services that Elder Caring Inc. is able to provide to lawyers dealing with elder law issues.

Audrey and her team provide professional advice and support to law firms, the professionals within them and to their clients. For example, assistance and support may be sought:

in assisting substitute decision-makers in respect of health care, nutrition, shelter, clothing, hygiene and safety;
in assessing and providing care plans in cases where we need to find out if our client’s parent is managing safely in their current environment;
in bringing members of a family onto the same page in respect of care for an aging parent and allocating responsibility.

When you meet Audrey, you will see that she is incredibly professional; she has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of elder care. But what sets her apart is a mix of warmth, enthusiasm and understanding—she is easy to talk to, and obviously very committed to the care of older adults.

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