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Elder Caring provides advice about Home Care, Assisted Living, Caregiving, Elderly Care, and Senior Care. Elder Caring is an elder care management company. We assess your living situation and make recommendations about living well, whether at home or in assisted living settings.
Elder Caring has a team of experts in Social Work, Occupational Therapy and other allied health professions. Our team has years of experience providing care management while working with the disabled, older adults, their families and caregivers.

As a privately owned Canadian company we provide care management and guidance to help you navigate the system when dealing with aging and care issues. Know your options before a caregiving crisis hits.


  • Make difficult conversations about care, finances, and assisted living options easier
  • Manage in home care and assisted living services and navigate health care systems effectively
  • Plan for the next stage of care confidently
  • Implement customized care management strategies and facilitate smooth transitions
  • Monitor care management plans and adapt responses appropriately
  • Access government/community resources competently.

We understand the stress and challenges faced by seniors, caregivers, and their families. We are able to make things easier for individuals and families who struggle to find the time, energy and resources to balance their family needs, caregiving responsibilities and  work.

The services of a registered social worker are frequently covered under extended health benefit plans

Eleven Reasons to Hire Us.

1. We are professionals who have the knowledge, training, and experience to do what you are trying to do without it.
2.  We can do in 2 hours what it would take you 2 weeks to do.
3.  We know how to get around that “I’m saving for a rainy day” syndrome, when your folks are drowning in their problems.
4. We’re much cheaper than the cost of plane fare if you have to fly into town when your parents say “everything is fine” but you know it isn’t.
5. We can provide advice on which nursing/retirement residence is right for your parents.
6. We can make your parents hear what you have said over and over again, but they refuse to listen because to them, you are still a child.
7. We can tell your annoying sibling to keep quiet, but graciously.
8. We’ve helped families a lot worse than yours.
9. Your dad can’t push our buttons.
10. Next time you want to hang up on your mother, you can tell her to call us.
11. We’re available, so you don’t have to be.
(Adapted from “Inside GCM,” Winter, 2005, Phyllis Brostoff)

Elder Caring Inc. = Your Partner in Healthy Aging

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Eldercaring, your partner in health agingEldercaring, your partner in health aging