September 2013

Originally posted at Sept 24, 2013: September is Arthritis Awareness Month. I wanted to ensure that I wrote about this debilitating disease so that there is some better understanding when we hear things like “it is going to rain tomorrow, I can feel it in my bones.” “There is no cure for arthritis”. The […]

Originally posted in September 17, 2013: Dementia is an ugly disease and the unravelling process of the person can be heartbreaking. As adults, we can understand on a physical level what may be happening; however on an emotional level it continues to strike fear into our hearts. Children on the other hand, may not […]

Why Boomers are Doomed: My Reflection

by Audrey Miller on September 9, 2013

in Baby Boomers

Originally published in allaboutestates, Sept 9, 2013: The cover story of the Sept 9, 2013 edition of MACLEAN’s magazine was my light reading on a recent trip to Winnipeg. There were so many key points raised in the article; I knew this would be the subject of my next blog. While I always look towards […]