March 2014

Originally published in on March 31, 2014: Let’s hope that it may actually start to warm up over the next few weeks. Winter had a strangle hold on many of us over these long few months. Particularly for seniors, it was a very isolating time as venturing outside was a challenge due to freezing […]

Originally posted in on March 21, 2014 As a Geriatric Care Manager I assist families in making plans for their future. In-home care is a service that many families need. While the public sector does what it can in providing in home care to eligible families, it is simply, not enough. Families often have […]

E Caring Channel: Advanced Wellness Planning™

by Audrey Miller on March 21, 2014

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E Caring Channel: Advanced Wellness Planning™

Originally published in on March 13, 2014: There is a new initiative underway that will expand the services that pharmacists are able to provide to Canadians from coast to coast. Elements of the proposal are already underway and working well in several provinces. 9000 Points of Care is designed to expand the pharmacists’ scope […]

We are growing again! I am looking for an exceptional individual who is keen, motivated and eager to work with me in creating a difference in the lives of seniors and their families. Requirements: BSW/MSW with minimum 3 years work experience with seniors Must be eligible or registered in the Ontario College of Social Workers […]

Death and dying are topics most people don’t like to think about and consequently are rarely discussed in Canadian Society….The Canadian Death Experience: Summary of Death, Dying and Canadian Families Read Death, Dying and Canadian Families 2014-02-24_Transition_43-3_The-Canadian-Death-Experience(1)by Dr. Katherine Arnup. Article by Audrey Miller. Published in Transition, The Vanier Institute of the Family, Volume 43, Number […]

Originally published in on March 5, 2014: Are your clients/family members planning on heading south for a few weeks in this everlasting winter? While we can all appreciate a great break from the cold, there are some issues that should be part of the planning process. Will they drive themselves? Some options include: hiring […]