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Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Originally posted I am sharing my good fortune in that I am proud to be a ‘puppy raiser’ for the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB).I am doing so in this blog because it relates directly to aging well and philanthropic opportunities. By way of background, CNIB is a national charitable institution that […]

Elder Caring Inc. and ‘The Wellness Binder’: Helping Older Adults Plan for the Future by: Kerri L. Crawford Posted on: March 21, 2016 Categories: News The statistics have been repeated time and again: our population is aging. Statistics Canada reports that, by 2061, seniors are projected to comprise 24% to 28% of the population. […]

Originally posted at on March 11, 2015 I had the pleasure of entering a brand new world located at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, part of Canada’s largest research hospital, University Health Network (UHN). This grouping of researchers are working on developing new treatments, technologies and devices to keep us (seniors or soon to be seniors) […]

Originally published in on October 11, 2013: I had the pleasure of presenting at a recent Ontario Bar Association estates and trusts section session. The topic was ‘De-escalating the Family Feud’. Those of you who know me, know that one of my favorite expressions is ‘the only normal families are the families you don’t […]

Originally published at July 17, 2013: It is late Friday afternoon, the very start of my one week holiday to Vermont and with drink in hand, I sit down to enjoy reading the Globe and Mail. As I started the Report on Business, I was captured by beautiful pictures on a page and Stuart […]

On January 28, 2013 on Hull on Estates, Moira Visoiu and Paul Trudelle discuss retaining an expert in elder care. Specifically, they mention Elder Caring Inc., a private company that can provide an assessment or wellness plan. Paul and Moira also discuss how these plans can be used in preparing for the future as well […]

Originally published at Last week, I attended an excellent session organized by my fellow blogger, Paul Fensom from Scotia Private Client Group. The topic was on guardianship, the important role of the guardian, the management plan and the understanding or expectation on how the money should be spent. Working with defence and plaintiff lawyers, […] We are looking for: *Single adult, age 65 plus and *in good health and *fiscally responsible and *family history of stroke, diabetes, Parkinson, dementia, (fill in the blank) and *no adult children living close by or no adult children with whom you are speaking or *no family or no family closeby with whom you […]

allaboutestates. July 31, 2012: The more people/families I meet, the more I am amazed that there can be so much conflict that continues….. Many estate practices are busy because of familial conflict. We all know families that are not on speaking terms. In most cases, money has something to do with it. However there is […]

allaboutestates June 8, 2012: A caring community; neighbours who know your name; friendships; people who are concerned about your welfare; role models; these are supports that we all want for ourselves and our families. However for those of us with a disabled family member, not all of these supports have been readily available. Planned Lifetime […]