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Like many of you I was watching Saturday’s  victory by our Toronto Raptors.  It is therefore completely understandable that you would not have known that the 15th episode of FinanceIsPersonal aired that same evening. Elizabeth Naumovski, CM interviews Canadian women who have important messages to share as it relates to financial issues, including financial planning, […]

Power of Attorney Project

by Audrey Miller on April 20, 2017

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My interview on “Families Are Complicated and Necessary” as part of the Caregiving Matters Power of Attorney Project.

Caring for the Caregiver: Head Forward Podcast

by Audrey Miller on October 28, 2016

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AreteHR, Head Forward Podcast on  Supporting Employed Carers: Caring for the Caregiver: 28% of Canadians provide care to a family member or friend. In this Head Forward podcast, I share tips on how to look after yourself while looking after someone else.  

Arete HR’s latest Head Forward podcast is out!  I was interviewed for this podcast on elder care, called  Role Reversal – Caring for Aging Parents. In each episode, they explore issues affecting mental health and well-being through conversation with experts.  I am featured as their expert in this new release.  Please click here to listen!

Podcast: Families are complicated and necessary

by Audrey Miller on October 17, 2015

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October 15, 2015:  Part of the Power of Attorney Project presented by “Audrey often sees client situations that deal with Power of Attorney issues. As a recognized expert in life care planning, aging and caregiving issues, she shares some of her experience and insights by discussing the following topics in our podcast: Why do families […]

On January 28, 2013 on Hull on Estates, Moira Visoiu and Paul Trudelle discuss retaining an expert in elder care. Specifically, they mention Elder Caring Inc., a private company that can provide an assessment or wellness plan. Paul and Moira also discuss how these plans can be used in preparing for the future as well […]

Family Feuding, October 4, 2011, Hosted by Dr. Gordon Atherley Audrey Miller is the founder and Managing Director of Elder Caring Inc. Dr. Renee Ruiter-Kohn provides various services including individual case management, interpersonal counselling and vocational counselling. Both have personal experience of family caregiving. They describe their work and the services they provide for families […]