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Great question, here is my reply: The two key words are service and free- I don’t believe that they go together very often. You have heard the expression, ‘ you get what you pay for’ and this is the same in the elder care world. There is an American franchise chain that has come to […]

Eleven Reasons to Hire a Professional Geriatric Care Manager We are professionals who have the knowledge, training, and experience to do what you are trying to do without it. We can do in 2 hours what it would take you 2 weeks to do. We know how to get around that “I’m saving for a […]

The key is in the word “service”.  Although you may be able to access specific facilities and/or geriatric care providers through the government, there are often lengthy wait times to get the answers you need, and you are limited to the tools/resources publicly available.  We get to know you and your needs, and can offer […]

We are professionals and all team members are regulated health professionals in the province in which we work. All social workers at Elder Caring are registered in the Province and have years of  experience directly in the field. This expertise and professionalism is what makes the difference between hiring us and hiring someone who simply […]

Several companies that provide personal support workers/companions will indicate that they provide complimentary case management. We assist in firstly determining what the individual’s needs are and then work with you to select the best candidate. Once you have made a hiring decision, we are able to comment on whether the caregiver is doing what he/she […]

The following are signs to look for: Is your loved one refusing assistance or making decisions that could jeopardize their safety or well being? Is your relative losing weight, for no known reason? Have they recently fallen? Is the home unkempt and becoming unsafe? Is meal preparation becoming difficult? Is money management becoming a concern? […]

The services of a Registered Social Worker are frequently covered by extended health care benefit plans Please check with your own private insurance carrier.

All of our senior and geriatric care consultant services are provately available on a fee for service basis.  Some are on a flat rate and others are on an hourly basis.

The Ministry of Health provides great senior and geriatric care service to the community at no cost. Each community offers different levels of support depending on their own funding ratio. Whenever possible, publicly funded elder care services will be identified and accessed through your Geriatric Care Manager. However, while the community programs are doing the […]

Absolutely!  An Elder Care Consultant would be pleased to have a preliminary discussion with you over the phone.  This telephone conversation is complimentary.