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Published in The Litigator ( Ontario Trial Lawyers Association Publication) in June 2008. The Litigator, 2008 Life Care Planning and the Older Client    

Originally posted at on January 27, 2015: January is Alzheimer Awareness Month and as it comes to a close, I am more mindful about the landscape of which we are all a part. Where Alzheimer’s has been a dementia of old age, we who are boomers are all experiencing memory problems and more of […]

A Holiday Jingle

by Audrey Miller on December 17, 2014

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A little holiday jingle ….. with new stanzas added. T’was the fight before Christmas, when all families know, It’s better to forgive than tell them to F. O., Mom probably liked you better, if memory serves, So while I am a P.O.A., she will get what she deserves. Come on siblings and get off your […]

Originally posted at on December 8, 2014 I spent the weekend visiting with my mother. Catching up with her also includes hearing about her friends and what is new in their lives. The update I heard about many of them was very similar. Their health was failing and their children/grandchildren were not visiting (enough). […]

Buyer Beware: You Get What You Pay For

by Audrey Miller on November 4, 2014

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Would you pay for financial advice from someone who does a little investing on the side? Would you take real estate/home buying advice from the nice guy next door? Would you have your renovation done by a carpenter who has only worked on their own home? Would you have your brakes fixed by the corner […]

How Old Is Too Old To Drive?

by Audrey Miller on December 11, 2013

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Originally posted in on December 11, 2013: The Globe and Mail (November 28, 2013) printed an article by Jessica Leeder that asks the question: ‘How old is too old to drive?’ The article reports: “ on a per kilometre basis, seniors are the most collision-prone operators on the road. They are also subject to […]

E Caring Channel: Holiday, Loss & Dementia

by Audrey Miller on December 6, 2013

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The E Caring Channel: Our Holiday Vblog: Holiday, Loss & Dementia

The ECaring Channel: How To Hire A PSW

by Audrey Miller on November 25, 2013

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The ECaring Channel: How To Hire A PSW:

Originally posted in on November 25, 2013: While many families fear that having a loved one move into an assisted living environment is one step closer to death, experience tells me that this is not necessarily the case. For many seniors, isolation can be detrimental to their health. After writing this blog, The Globe […]

Originally posted in Nov 15, 2013: The Vanier Institute of the Family published their latest Contemporary Family Trends, called Death, Dying and Canadian Families, written by Dr. Katherine Arnup, highlighting the Canadian death experience. This is an excellent paper that discusses the change in the experience over the last years. I have summarized some […]