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elder abuse

elder abuse

Originally posted Case Example 1:   John was a 93 year old, well -to -do gentleman, never married  and had no known family.   He lived in his own home in a nice part of the city.  His next door neighbor had kept an eye out and assisted him over the years by shoveling his walkway […]

Originally posted THE WHAT: Recently on most days newspaper articles are highlighting some injustice or abuse regarding seniors living in Ontario’s Long Term Care facilities, commonly known as ‘nursing homes’ or ‘old people’s home’. This is a major problem facing society and one that we must get under control.  Last week’s Marketplace Crying Out […]

originally published I had the pleasure of attending last week’s Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners’ conference, titled “Elder Abuse and Manners of Protecting the Elderly”. It focused on financial abuse which is the most common form of elder abuse. It provided an excellent overview with a panel discussion presented and moderated by lawyers […]

Elder Abuse

by Audrey Miller on August 11, 2016

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Originally posted Elder abuse is sadly continuing to be an issue for our seniors and for society at large. It includes  the following types of wrong doing, many times with a family member as the primary culprit: Financial abuse Psychological abuse Physical abuse Sexual abuse Neglect While there are an abundance of resources out […]

Originally published on January 14, 2016: Financial elder abuse is not a new topic, however sometimes I wonder how does it start? Heather Hogan  recently blogged about this topic in response to a New York Times article “Financial Abuse of the Elderly: Sometimes Unnoticed, Always Predatory”. In my day to day work, it is […]

E Caring Channel Series: Elder Abuse Awareness

by Audrey Miller on August 13, 2013

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Originally published at June 4, 2013: June is Senior’s Month and on the 15th of June, the UN has declared World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. Thanks to the Ontario government, Elder Abuse Awareness Workshops are taking place across the Province. I had the pleasure of participating in the 50+ Festival on ‘Stopping Elder Abuse’ […]

Originally published in March 18, 2013: Last week two female residents of a Long Term Care facility were assaulted and one was fatally injured by another resident of the same facility. At the time of writing of this blog, details were not known. The cognitive state of the accused is unclear and whether or […]

allaboutestates, June 26, 2012: June is recognized in Canada as both Senior’s Month and Elder Abuse Awareness month and how sad that this month concludes with headlines of a viral video on the bullying of an older person. Like many of you, I watched in shock the video of the Ms. Klein being verbally threatened […]

Guest blogger: Pauline Morris: I was fortunate to hear a presentation from ONPEA last week, the Ontario Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse. They offer some very helpful hints on what to look for if you think your client might be a victim. They also have courses and screening tools that you might like […]