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by Audrey Miller on February 18, 2010

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Vocational Rehabilitation Association of Canada Magazine Spring 2009 Audrey Miller is an entrepreneur who has moved from a rehabilitation practice into new territory: eldercare. Although Miller has both a bachelor and master’s degree in social work and is a Canadian Certified Life Care Planner, her roots are in vocational rehabilitation. She has her Canadian Certified […]

The Compassionate Employer- National Post October 2004By: Meg Federico The National Post’s Family Caregiver News Magazine Fall 2004 Dennis Fielding, Vice President of Kingsway Financial Services in Ontario knows first hand how stressful caregiving can be. Married, with a demanding career and three teen aged sons, Fielding found himself taking on more and more responsibility […]

By: Leslie Young Chatelaine Magazine, Chatelaine.com October 2006 Millions of Canadian daughters should be prepared to return to the nest to look after an aging parent. In fact, in addition to handling a full-time job and raising children, women in a caregiver role can count on spending twice as many hours a month(29)looking after a […]

By: Paul Irish Toronto Star, thestar.com January 18, 2007 Officially, they’re called baby boomers – that huge bubble of kids born on the heels of World War II. But now, with the majority of them firmly entrenched in middle age, they’re being redubbed the “sandwich generation.” As the name suggests, they’re stuck between caring for […]

By: Sherri Nefsky The Canadian Jewish News February 10, 2005 It is hard to know when it is time to start worrying about the health and well being of aging parents and relatives. When is forgetting where they put something a cause for concern and when is it simply a lapse? When are changes in […]

By: Linda Stuart Women’s Health Matters August 2007 You’re not alone, there are resources to help — and it’s vital to take care of yourself, too. These were some of the words of wisdom offered to caregivers looking after older family members, during a session on eldercare at the 2007 Women’s Health Matters Forum & Expo […]

By: Audrey Miller MSW, RSW, CCRC, CCLCP The HR Professional December 2008 While much of the HR world has been fixated on baby boomer retirement plans, there’s another issue facing this generation of workers that employers should be considering: elder care. Many baby boomers now face the prospect of caring for both children and aging […]

Now that the holidays are over, it is a good time to reflect on the time you spent together with your family. Did you find your loved one was a little more confused? Did you find expired food in the fridge or blackened cooking pots? Were you comfortable in the car with them driving? Did […]