A new take on the ‘granny suite’

Originally posted @ allaboutestates.ca on October 7, 2015

With the sky high price of housing in many provinces, families may be looking for residential alternatives.

The October 2, 2015 Globe and Mail wrote a story on expandable shipping containers being used as homes.
In 2008, shipping containers were touted as being eco friendly  and had been used reportedly for decades for housing and workspace.
The article highlighted that many millennium children are not leaving home (reported to be more than 500,000 three generation households in Canada) and with our aging demographics responsibilities towards parent care continues. Within some cultures multigenerational living is the norm. For others who may not be able to afford to remain living on their own, this adds another option to the residential mix. For those considering living with family, a ‘Block Container Structure’ may provide the required supports and comforts- with just a little extra distance.

An in law apartment, granny suite, or an expandable shipping crate are creative options that may be worth considering if having mom and dad live with their adult children, is the desired outcome. At the cost of approximately $120.00 a square foot, an accessible unit fitted with all necessary equipment may be a sensible and cost effective solution.

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