A Different Type of Retirement Community.

As a boomer, I have spent much time talking with my (women) friends about what we want for ourselves in a ‘retirement’ community. I am not sure that ‘retirement’ is the right word. I don’t plan on stopping work- any time soon. Until our (adult) children are launched, it is difficult to imagine picking up and moving elsewhere. I have always imagined being close to a water source- to hear the soothing sounds; I have imagined being close to a golf course- to know how a good shot feels ( and not hear the ball going into the water); I have imagined living close to friends- to enjoy time together; and I have imagined living close to a town with good restaurants, interesting stores and a choice for wine and coffee spots. Having recently had the flu and complications that knocked me down for several months, I know how important good friends are, and how important it is to be close to doctors. As such I was very pleased to learn about the Baba Yaga Place  Described on their new website as: “inspired by an innovative French alternative to traditional living facilities for seniors, a Toronto group is working to create a made-in-Canada version called Baba Yaga Place. Baba Yaga Place Toronto is an innovative model of living that will support community members to age within their own walls through mutual care and surrounded by like-minded companions, while pursuing both their personal interests and commitment to the broader community.
You may want to check out the Baba Yaga Place Info sheet.
As one of their active volunteers quotes: “If we all contribute a little, it will become a lot!” ~Wanda Davies

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