A Mother’s Day – like none other

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In this time of uncertainty when we don’t know what tomorrow will bring, there are a few things we know we can count on, such as the bond between mother and child.  For those of us today that cannot hold, hug or embrace our mothers, it is indeed a difficult time. We have to believe that they know they are loved and for those who have lost a mother, we have to believe that they knew they were loved.

“To the World

You are a Mother.

But to your Family

You are the World!”

I don’t know who wrote it, but I believe the sentiment. We all have had a mother and chances are this person shaped our lives more than any one else. For many of us, our mothers were our first loving and significant relationship. Our mothers influenced us, guided us, taught us, and loved us- unconditionally.

In my day to day work with families, I see many different mother- child relationships.  Most are  loving and caring and others that seem to be so complicated and challenging, I wonder what their history was together. When frailty and dementia are evident, sometimes we have to look a little deeper to remember the happy and healthier times.

This physical distancing is difficult and I share in the sadness of not being able to hug our mothers and similarly, it is difficult not being hugged by our children.

It is indeed a Mother’s Day like no other and I can only hope we will be able to hug each other soon.

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