A Work of Passion, Commitment and Perseverance

March 26, 2015: I had not realized it was Elder Caring’s 11th birthday today and it is so fitting that today of all days, I am the guest speaker at Verity Ladies Club, talking to a group of 25 women about aging and caregiving issues. This has been a journey of ups and down, hard work and I think, perseverance most of all. The starting point was and remains a very strong commitment to being able to make a change and improve the lives of someone else. While my role has shifted over the years as counsellors came and went and work went up and down, at the core remains the same passion, caring and desire to engage with others to make that change. We have made headway and when I reflect over the years and the families whose lives we have touched, I know we have been successful. There have been tremendous projects along the way, including producing ‘ Lucky, The Young Carer Rap’, involvement with RBC as their subject matter expert to create their advice site ‘Senior, Finance and Caregiving’ and now, producing the ‘Wellness Binder’ which just had National exposure and a wonderful write up in the Financial Post.

Life is good. I want to thank the wonderful team of colleagues I have and continue to work with as well as all the families with whom we have worked.

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