Adult Child, Chidult or Adild, We Need A Better Word!

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Zosia Bielski in her article At a loss for words published on January 11, 2013th in The Globe and Mail, discusses a number of words that are borrowed from different languages that better defines ‘an emotion, sensation and concept’ from what we currently use/have within the English language. Thank you!

I have been looking for some better words that more appropriately describe our current state of aging.

In particular for me, the term ‘adult child’, just doesn’t measure up. I am referencing the grown up offspring of parents, who may now have offspring of their own. I do not mean adults who have the intelligence level of a child, or a child who is wise beyond their years. I am looking for a term to describe the large grouping of current baby boomers and their parents, namely the parent-offspring relationship, when the ‘child’ is an adult. Does chidult or adild cut it? I don’t think so.

The other word that I am hoping to add to our vernacular is a term that can be broadly used for ’adult incontinence products, or adult diapers. I have been using ‘adpers’ as a generic term. For instance, when the clerk at the grocery stores calls over the loud speaker for a price check on adult diapers, I think a different word, could be used. One with a less negative (infant related) connotation.

There must be some other words perhaps from different languages that can be introduced. I am hoping that we can come up with a few different words to ascribe to an adult offspring of an even older adult.

My call to action is to ask you for some new words or different words that we can incorporate. I would love to hear your suggestions, so please send me an email and let’s see what terms we can come up with together.

Thank you, Merci, Toda Raba, Shukran, Danke,
-Audrey Miller

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