Aging Parent and Holiday Season (in)Sanity

December 22, 2010; By: Audrey Miller
All About Estates

As my last blog contribution of the year, I wanted to take this opportunity during a very hectic and busy time of year, to pause and to say thank you. Like many of you, our Elder Caring families have faced health crises this year. My family has as well. It is during these difficult times, that most notably for me, the kindness of strangers stands out. More than common courtesy, which doesn’t seem to be so common any more; care and concern, a kind word, a smile or hug, these are the gifts that can make the difference. These gestures are the true gifts of the holiday season. They are ours to give and they don’t cost any money.

I am highlighting two holiday articles, Aging Parents and the Holiday Season and A Cup of Care: A Pinch of Hope, which provides some suggestions on spending quality time with a family member with dementia. I hope that the season will be a time of calm and that the articles provided will help you to keep the balance. Wishing you good health and happiness this Holiday Season and peace in 2011.

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