An Afternoon at STEP

Originally published at on June 2, 2015:

I had the pleasure of presenting as part of a panel discussion at the Toronto STEP conference last week on Elder Care: A Practical Approach. I would like to share some highlights of the session. Most interestingly there was a common theme throughout- that of planning ahead. It also highlighted the benefits of a team approach, thus having a care manager who can assess and identify the client’s health and care needs along with a financial adviser who can work with the costing numbers associated with these current and anticipated needs in order to develop a workable and affordable plan of care.
Mike Love (Legacy Private Trust) spoke about fiduciary duty of a private trust company and the close work they provide when working with their clients. He highlighted the importance of knowing your client.

Dr. Ray Rupert (Rupert Medical Case Management) provides medical case management and he highlighted that when a medical emergency strikes, it is important to know that medical navigation/ support is available in order to obtain a quick or second opinion.

I highlighted the costs of care for both in home support from a Personal Support Worker as well as those for alternate accommodation including both retirement and long term care facility options. Services provided by our public sector health system were also reviewed.

Trevor Parry (HSBI Benefits Inc.) spoke about ways to fund the cost of the care. He reviewed Private Health Services Plans and Health and Welfare Trusts. As well, he discussed Long Term Care Insurance and Medical Expense Tax Credit . The main takeaway for me from his presentation was how few people know these options.

An informative afternoon for both panelists and the audience.
Lesson Learnt: Reach further than yourself. Collaboration and team work is win -win for everyone.

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