Another Goodbye

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I have written about my work with my long time elderly client, Audrey, for some time. Through these blogs, I have shared the loss of her sister, her prior discharge from palliative care,  her 100th (and 101) birthday, her most recent admission and discharge and today I want to share her passing with you. As I have said so many times before, she was one of the lucky ones; lucky to have been able to die at home, on her  own terms.  Audrey was just shy of her 102 birthday, truly a remarkable age.  When we outlive our families and we outlive our friends,  I wonder who will mourn our passing, who will miss us?

I don’t have the answer but today I want Audrey to know that she will be missed.  A very dedicated team of caregivers will also miss her.  They have truly been her lifeline for many years and she would not have lived as well as she did ( and I am guessing not as long either) without their care and support.  Thank  you to Irene, Joy, Faith, Christina and to the others that laughed and cried with Audrey on her journey.

In indirect ways, she shared many lessons with us. Thank you Audrey- you will be missed and we are the lucky ones to have had the pleasure of knowing you.

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