Another Lesson From the Grave

Happy New Year. As I get older, I have become more reflective. I also don’t take anything for granted.

Life is short and while more and more of us are living longer- not matter what- it is still short.

Over this holiday, we had 2 losses that touched me; a client and a friend’s husband. One gentleman in his 80’s and one in his 60’s. The older gentleman had been a long time client and we had the privilege of working closely with him. The bank was his Power of Attorney for property and because his POA for care was a very distant relative, our counsellor saw him a weekly basis and knew him very well.
Originally published at Jan 8, 2013
At one funeral, there were a handful of people in the pews; in the other, the room was overflowing.

These funerals made me think about my own demise and my own eventual funeral. Who will be there and what will they say about me? What difference did I make?
It was lesson for me, yet another one from the grave. It reaffirmed that we have to live each day as if it truly is our last; and while this is a cliché, it made me reach out and call some friends who I hadn’t spoken to for a while. It made me appreciate those around me and the family and friends that I have. A resolution to try harder, to give more, to let more go, to say “and” instead of “but” AND to say thank you.

How does this all tie together for an estates blog? Easy- as I have always said- families are complicated and many don’t see each other or are on speaking terms. Perhaps, for those of you who have been impacted by a recent death of someone, or can appreciate my recent experience, perhaps you too will incorporate your own resolution to try harder or to start another conversation with someone, perhaps your sibling or parent. Thank you for reading and I look forward to another year of ‘talking’ with you.

-Audrey Miller

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