Another Year- Thank Goodness

Originally posted in on August 2, 2013:

I had the pleasure of getting together with some friends and colleagues this past week to celebrate a birthday. After catching up with work and family updates, the conversation turned to our own health concerns. This included a discourse on changes with our eye sight, our night sweats, our aches and pains and most critically the recent losses that have occurred in each of our lives over the last few months, including the loss of a parent and close friends.

With 40 being the new 30 and 60 being the new 50, while we may mentally ‘feel’ younger, our bodies may not know we have changed our viewpoint. The recent data from the Heart and Stroke 2013 Report on the Health of Canadians indicates that the majority of us live our last 10 years of life in poor health.

Unfortunately we have no way of knowing when this particular clock starts ticking. So for my fellow Leo’s who are celebrating a birthday, my best advice is to keep going forward, keep believing and keep smiling.

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