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Congratulations to all of us- it is the first week of spring and we have managed through a difficult winter.  While we are here today and reading this blog- we have much to be thankful for. However there are so many of us who have faced a loss this year and I know what that feels like.

But on this Monday, my blog today is about living your life and not waiting for tomorrow- because as we all well know- tomorrow is not guaranteed.

My message is ‘buy the shoes’.  This blog is dedicated  to Wendy L- a lovely person who died way too young.  I am not quite sure how her whole story unfolded except to say she provided a life lesson to many.   Her unspoken message was really  that life is short and don’t put off the things you wish to do and wait for a better time- because if you do wait- it just may be too late.

So on this first week of spring I have taken Wendy’s advice and whatever it is you might be thinking about or wanting or wishing for- today is the day. Live it well and enjoy it.

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