Caregiving Can Bring Families Together

October 17, 2011; By: Audrey Miller
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I received a few comments regarding the Family Feuding interview that was mentioned in previous blogs. Specifically one comment highlighted how caregiving can bring families together. It was provided by an oncologist who saw families come together during very difficult times. These ‘ending days’ can also be a time for forgiveness and healing. I don’t think we can ever know how these events will unfold but having the opportunity to share together in this way can be a very rewarding experience.

Another comment heralded the benefits of support groups and how these groups ‘can assist with family reconciliation, support, forming support networks, fact giving and sharing as well as dealing with the difficulties patients and family’s may have in dealing with professionals, and tips and support to ameliorate this situation.’ The benefits of counseling and of support groups in particular, cannot be overstated. Associations from each of the disability and disease networks offer education and support groups and there are bereavement groups as well. These are available at no cost and offered community wide. Caregiving is a journey; it is also a partnership. Family feuding may be part of this caregiving adventure but hopefully there can be some resolution or agreement that allows other expressions of love, hope and forgiveness to remain. The feedback provided came from a husband and wife who in their professional days worked in healthcare; he as a doctor and she as a social worker. Thanks for the comments and please keep on reading.

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