Death, Taxes & If We Are Lucky, Growing Older.

Originally posted in on July 25, 2013:

My colleague Diana Vieira titled her July 22, 2013 blog, Do You Need A Lawyer to Make a Will. An important topic and a theme which I will continue. Most individuals, who can afford it, hire a lawyer to prepare their wills and powers of attorney. Most of us, who can afford it, hire a professional for most things; buying a house, obtaining investment advice or getting new brakes for the car. Obtaining elder care advice is no different.

Providing for our own care or care for a loved one requires a Plan. A Plan that is based on a valid assessment, one that provides options and resources and associated costs for appropriate community services. A Plan that identifies the areas of risk and provides solutions to address these concerns. No one wants to move if they don’t have to, especially an older individual. I have had calls from family members who tell me that they can no longer afford a particular residence or that the residence can no longer accommodate their loved one’s health needs. Elder care planning requires a professional approach. Plain and simple. We are getting older and recent studies indicate that most of us will live the last 10 years of life in declining health. Declining health costs money. It most certainly requires planning and having an expert in your corner will absolutely save you time, money and stress. If you haven’t thought about it, now is a good time for making that call.
-Audrey Miller

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