Newsletter December 2009

While we have enjoyed a wonderful Fall, we know that this month will bring snow as well as a variety of other adventures.  The month of December is typically filled with good cheer, time with family and friends, great food and the celebration of many different religious holidays. The balancing of home, work and caregiving during this time can be difficult. There are several articles that provide tips and suggestions to help make this season more enjoyable.

The Holiday Check In article provides suggestions on how to assess how your parent is managing and A Cup of Care: A Pinch of Hope provides some suggestions on spending quality time with a family member with dementia. 

It is our hope that the season will be a time of calm and hope and that the articles provided will help you to keep the balance. Wishing you good health and happiness this Holiday Season and peace in 2010. 

Audrey Miller and the Elder Caring Team
Sanity, Safety and this Holiday Season 
Do you live in one city and your parents another?  For many the holiday period is a time when families are spending extended periods of togetherness, which can be both wonderful and challenging. If this is the case, this provides a wonderful opportunity to see how they are managing.   If you are travelling with a family member with health issues, we have found that a little preparation can go along way.  Some suggestions include:  READ MORE





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