Dementia is not a laughing matter, or is it?

allaboutestates, July 13, 2012:

While receiving a diagnosis of dementia, may feel like a death sentence, the reality is that many individuals can live a very long time with this disease. Families learn to adjust- not an easy adjustment, by any means, and thankfully there are terrific resources available (Alzheimers Society of Canada) that provide education, counselling and support services. Even including a Young Carers group, which for those who read last week’s blog, know is near and dear to me .

A friend’s father was recently diagnosed with vascular dementia and the stories that she is now able to share, have taken on a much lighter tone. As was in keeping with her dad’s personality, he was always a ‘kibbitzer’-(sorry if it loses something in the translation) meaning he enjoyed a good joke and loved to make people around him laugh. Instead of annoying his family with repeated tales and stories, he is now attending day programs in his community, where he always has an audience around him- laughing with him as he repeats the jokes- again and again. The laughter is infectious- in a good way- and those in the day program love him and love his jokes. His wife and family still chuckle when he tells his stories; they know there is no point in correcting him or telling him the punch line but for him, he has been able to continue making people laugh and making him feel good in the process. By the way, did you hear the one about the waiter who asked the customer at the table as he came to clear the dishes if she was finished (Finnish)? No, she said, I’m Canadian……….
-Audrey Miller

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