Newsletter Fall 2011

A Word from the Managing Director
Welcome to October! I am sure we all enjoyed a busy summer. Perhaps not all the time was filled with pleasant activities, but we had longer days in which to get more accomplished. Have you noticed however how much faster time seems to fly by? As such, our newsletters have been condensed to seasonal readings rather than monthly releases.

September marked Arthritis Awareness Month and World Alzheimer’s Day. The executive summary of the World Alzheimer Report 2011: The Benefits of Early Diagnosis and Intervention highlighted several key findings and recommendations. In addition, National Senior’s Day was on October 1st.

Having just celebrated Thanksgiving it is now time for reflection. For many, it is not just about looking back but also looking ahead and planning on ways we can make changes in how we greet each new day. Improving relationships is the theme of this newsletter. Let’s start with family feuding.

Family Feuding
One important thing I have learned over the years with respect to families is that each one is different. There are a number of factors that can impact how a family functions, including sibling rivalry or parental conflict, idiosyncrasies that have ‘matured’ over time, feelings of being overburdened by caregiving or not wanting to be in the caregiving role at all. Does any of this sound familiar?

Dr. Gordon Atherley host of Family Caregivers Unite! on VoiceAmerica, invited me and my colleague Renee Ruiter-Kohn MSW, RSW, PhD to discuss the issue of family feuding. The broadcast was aired on October 4th, 2011. If you are interested in listening to the broadcast, please click here.

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