Elder Caring Winter 2013 ENews

A Word From The Managing Director: Have you ever noticed how fast time flies by? It is already the month of February and this month makes me think of snow (25 cm” outside my front door last week), our beating hearts and love; and not necessarily in that order. As we are living longer, I was also wondering about those who find themselves loving again. Love is good for the heart. Win -Win. I have re-posted my blog on Loving After Loss.

Also this month, Bell Let’s Talk raised $4.8 million for Canadian mental health programs. Congrats. Good mental health is a fine balance and I think many of us have dipped our foot over the imaginary line- from coping to not. One in five Canadians will have or have had a mental illness. This illness crosses all ages and Dementia, which I blog about routinely, is also defined within the mental health umbrella and it too cuts across all racial, religious and socioeconomic borders.

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