Emergency Contact Sheet

by Audrey Miller on September 6, 2014

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Originally published at rbcadvicecentre.com


Seniors Finance and Caregiving

As we age, we face new challenges and have different financial needs. Seniors Finance and Care is a new part of the RBC Advice Centre where we will be sharing advice and information on a range of topics that are relevant for Seniors and their families – starting with some important advice from care giving experts as well as active caregivers.


When a medical emergency occurs and you’re unable to speak for yourself, basic questions like, “What is your name?”, “What is your date of birth?”, “What medications are you taking?” or “Do you have any allergies?” can go unanswered during those critical first moments.

By filling out the Emergency Contact Sheet below you can prepare for an emergency before it even happens.

  Download Emergency Contact Sheet


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