Family Feuding, Audrey Miller on Voice of America

Family Feuding, Audrey Miller on Voice of AmericaFamily Feuding, October 4, 2011, Hosted by Dr. Gordon Atherley

Audrey Miller is the founder and Managing Director of Elder Caring Inc. Dr. Renee Ruiter-Kohn provides various services including individual case management, interpersonal counselling and vocational counselling. Both have personal experience of family caregiving. They describe their work and the services they provide for families where feuding is a problem. They explain the ways in which feuding develops in families, and how it affects members of families such as immediate family caregivers and their siblings, children of parents in their declining years, and parents of children with severe and incurable medical conditions. They discuss the challenges that cause family feuding and, using their own personal experience and the insights they’ve gained from their professional work, talk about steps to prevent feuding from occurring and what to do when it does occur. They share their ‘wish list’ of things that they advocate for families to reduce the risks of family feuding.



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