For Richer or Poorer in Sickness and In Health….Who Will Be The Caregiver?

April 6, 2011; By: Audrey Miller
All About Estates

Thank you Margaret Wente for your column in Saturday’s (April 2, 2011) Globe and Mail. Ms. Wente wrote about the challenges that she and her husband encountered as she found herself in the care- recipient role and her husband in the care-giver role. Ms. Wente’s experience was a temporary one, during a period of convalescence. It however provided a peek into the challenge that many couples will experience- providing care to a spouse. For many it is a long term relationship and one that they don’t enter by choice but by necessity. The ‘giving’ can be daunting, exhausting, expensive and time consuming. Others have described their caregiving partnership as what defines them; for some, it becomes their most important role. There is a tremendous responsibility in caregiving and it can also bring reward and satisfaction. While there is a sense for many, that ‘no one can do it better’ this journey can also be isolating. Canadian caregiver coalition’s motto “ IT’S NOT IF… IT’S WHEN YOU WILL BE A CAREGIVER”.

While looking after another’s needs and well being, it is equally important to make sure that you look after your own needs as well. Key message: You are not alone. Support and resources are available.

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